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When VIP opened for business in November 2004, it heralded the arrival of a unique concept in low cost Heathrow airport parking (no mean feat at the busiest airport in Britain!). Usually, low cost companies operate from low cost premises. Look at Ryanair and Easyjet, for example, where flights often operate from secondary airports away from the main destination, so what appears to be a bargain carries hidden costs that erode a lot of the perceived saving. What we have done at VIP is to operate from the country's major airport, Heathrow, widely recognized as the world's 2nd busiest, and certainly the most expensive airport in the country to park your vehicle. So we gave ourselves a major task from the outset. Our first challenge was to find premises suitable for our customers' expectations providing legitimacy and security so they could leave their vehicle with complete peace of mind. Our second objective was to provide a very high standard of service at the minimum cost, something which has become especially important in recent times.

Our Heathrow Parking Service Today

We have been so successful in meeting and, indeed, overcoming our challenges that we no longer pay to advertise our business. Every week 85% of our bookings are from returning customers or those who have been recommended to us. There is no better form of advertising than satisfied customers.

We have also expanded our services, offering a range of services to choose from, enabling you to tailor your Airport Parking experience.

So whether you are a new or repeat customer, you can rest assured that our mission is to provide a fantastic, value for money, quality service. We have designed our paperwork and operational practices to deliver the best service at the lowest price possible, so please read the paperwork carefully and follow the instructions. You will never look back and we're confident our meet and greet Heathrow Parking service will be your first choice every time!

Best Wishes,

Pat McLintock
Managing Director