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VIP ECONOMY includes most of the typical extra charges that can arise* and is ideal for customers who have a limited budget. It is not recommended for customers where time is of the essence. 

VIP PLUS Page Pic VIP ECONOMY is great value and includes the following:

- No early / late charges*

- Free admin changes to bookings

- 50% refund if you need to cancel**

- BAA Terminal charge included

VIP ECONOMY is not recommended if travelling during peaks or on business, as it is least adaptable if meet time requirements change. VIP FLEXI & GOLD are adaptable to meet time change requests.

'VIP ECONOMY' is appointment based, which means that VIP works to the original pre-booked meet times on the dates of travel. If you decide you want to be met earlier on the date of your Departure, our Operations Team may have to keep to the original booked meet time if we are extremely busy with other higher priority customers. However, we will always endeavour to accommodate requests to be met earlier or later than booked but that is subject to the availability of our operations team on the day so cannot be guaranteed, especially during peak travel times.

Providing you closely follow the simple service instructions on the date of your departure (contained in the Booking Confirmation email), you will be met at the stipulated terminal at the pre-booked time and your car will be taken away to be parked securely, so you can proceed to check-in. VIP is an off-airport provider however so please allow extra tolerance for your Departure date meet time if booking ECONOMY.

Upon return, after making the necessary calls, your vehicle will be returned to you at the airport so there is no arduous car-park transfer required. If you have luggage to reclaim, we estimate that you should have your car back 45 minutes after scheduled landing if the flight lands on time and providing there is no delay to your exiting the terminal. For customers who do not have luggage we estimate 25 minutes after landing as a general guide if you have indicated as such in your booking. If your return flight lands early/late we will endeavour to accommodate the meet time change request but that is subject to availability and you may find yourself in a queue situation for the return of your car.

This service is dependent on our customers providing accurate data when booking and keeping us informed as stipulated on the dates of travel- to enable us to deliver a seamless service.

For customers under no real time pressure and who accept that a queue situation may arise if they want to change their pre-booked VIP meet time, VIP ECONOMY is a great value option. During peak travel periods, VIP ECONOMY often sells out, so do book as early as possible if you are travelling in a busy period such as school holidays, Easter, Christmas etc.

From 1st January 2018 VIP ECONOMY bookings will be phased out of the CLUB VIP Loyalty Gift Scheme. From 1st June 2018 no VIP ECONOMY booking reference numbers will be valid towards a gift claim. Please visit the CLUB VIP page for full details of the changes.

* Exclusions apply. Click here for full information on extra charges not included as standard with VIP ECONOMY.

** Cancellations must be made no less than 24 hours before departure and in accordance with our procedures as stipulated in the booking confirmation paperwork to receive a 50% refund. Less than 24 hours before departure, no refund.

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