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(Extract from our Terms & Conditions)

The customer authorizes VIP to charge the credit/debit card used by them when booking for any extra charges which arise in accordance with these terms and conditions. In order to keep administration costs to a minimum, VIP will only advise customers of charges of £10 or above or provide invoices upon request.

Due to the frequency with which customers' itineraries change and the extra costs this involves, as well as to keep administration costs to a minimum, it is the Company's policy to set out in advance of the use of the service, the amounts of those extra costs that will apply if the service provided is different from that prepaid in the original booking. Where applicable, charges will be made in due course after a customer's date of travel. However during peak travel periods, charges may take up to 6 weeks to be processed.

The Following Extra Service Charges Will Apply*:

* All below charges applicable to Budget. Certain charges apply to ECONOMY (previously 'PLUS'), FLEXI & both Heathrow and Gatwick services bookings as shown.

1. Meet times between 0000 and 0500 will be charged at the rate of £12 plus £12 per hour thereafter (calculated by reference to complete periods of 15 minutes or part thereof, so £3.00 per period). In addition, a car park charge of £4.30 will be charged to enable the driver to park another vehicle in the short stay car park for transport back to the Company's compound after drop off. Applicable to ECONOMY (previously 'PLUS') and FLEXI.

Also meet times between 0000 and 0500 are by prior arrangement in writing only, except where the Company at its absolute discretion decides to provide such service and then only in accordance with the restrictions stated herein. Where no prior arrangement has been made, the Company will monitor flight times and endeavour to return a vehicle where the landing time is after 0000 hours but no later than 0130 hours. Customers wishing to Check-in before 05:30 can pay an extra £10 to park their car in the Short Stay car-park from 05:00 onwards and proceed to Check-in after which they can meet VIP by 05:30 for car key hand-over.

2. If after the day of departure a customer extends their parking duration from the dates originally booked, extra days will be charged at £9.00 per day (VIP ECONOMY & VIP Heathrow/Gatwick), £11.00 per day (VIP FLEXI) and £12.00 per day (VIP GOLD).

3. Turning up or Failing to turn up without notification, will incur a charge of £15.

4. Changes to arrival/departure times advised on the day of travel, or within 12 hours of the time the customer wishes to be met if advised the day before, will incur a minmum charge of £10 and a maximum of £25 depending on the circumstances, to cover the Company for extra staff and ancillary costs (e.g. use of the short stay car parks). Applicable to ECONOMY (previously 'PLUS'), FLEXI & Heathrow/Gatwick services.

5. Any additional parking charges incurred by the company as a result of the customer taking the vehicle into the car park earlier than the collection time agreed with the company or its operations team, will be charged to the customer's credit card. Applicable to ECONOMY (previously 'PLUS') and FLEXI.

6. Jump starting or attempting to jump start vehicles which fail to start will be charged at £15. Applicable to all services.

7. Failure to provide our driver with a lift upon departure or return when the no lift extra has not been booked, will result in a charge of £60 (Heathrow/Gatwick Services only).

8. If a customer upon return is delayed in baggage reclaim or takes what we consider to be an inordinate length of time to exit the terminal, we reserve the right to park their car temporarily in the short stay car park at a small charge to the customer, so that we can attend to other customers in the meantime. Applicable to ECONOMY (previously 'PLUS') and FLEXI.

9. Any amounts incurred by the company in respect of parking charges made by BAA for use of any particular car park at the terminal used by the customer - see BAA Terminal Charge Page for full details).

10. The company provides at its absolute discretion a service to customers who arrive early / late for their appointment for a nominal sum of £4.80 which partly defrays the cost of using the Heathrow short stay car parks and interchanging staff to deal with changes.

11. Meet times between 22:00 and 23:00 hours will incur a £6 surcharge unless pre-booked. Applicable to ECONOMY (previously 'PLUS').

12. Meet times between 23:00 and 00:00 hours will incur a £12 surcharge unless pre-booked. Applicable to ECONOMY (previously 'PLUS').

13. Heathrow & Gatwick / Gatwick & Heathrow duo airport service: We are based at Heathrow and we allow 2 hours for a driver to go to Gatwick and back if a customer provides the driver a lift. If customer has booked the 'No lift option', there is a 3 hour allocation for the VIP Driver in that price. If the round trip takes more than these allocated times due to circumstances outside our control, an extra charge of £20 per hour may apply. For customers flying out of Gatwick and returning to Heathrow, the customer may be asked to park their vehicle in the Gatwick short stay car-park at their own cost if the VIP driver is delayed en-route on date of departure due to circumstances outside our control.

14. VIP GOLD Meet & Greet Heathrow- a reasonable amount of time is allocated for the VIP driver to wait for the customer upon return to Heathrow, however should the customer take an inordinate amount of time to exit the terminal, the VIP driver may park your vehicle in the short stay car park at the customer's expense.

The above list is not exhaustive and other charges may apply. However, in such cases the company will endeavour to obtain your approval in advance. Any such recharge (for example, if a tyre deflates while you are away and needs repairing/replacing on your behalf) not mentioned above will not exceed £20 unless agreed in advance with the customer.